MIT Square is an ISO Certified International Company and registered Trademark under The Trade Mark Act, 1999. The company is headquartered at the center of India's high-tech industry, Bangalore, which is "Silicon Valley of India". The company is a registered MSME recognised by the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. The company also has a registered office at the center of UK's IT Hub, London, which is "Silicon Valley of UK". The company is recognised by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of UK. The other network offices are in the USA, Australia and Singapore. MIT stands for "Management and Innovation for Transformation" and Square represents "People + Process + Product + Personalisation" with a tagline "We transform your life".  Our core technical team is from IITs and Universities in London who have worked with many of the Fortune 500 companies.

MIT Square is a globally trusted brand that believes in transforming the lives of people by synchronizing the fragmented business eco-system with their growing essential necessities for a better wellbeing in the area of EduTech, HealthTech, AgroTech, and GreenTech. Our elite services include Startup School, Techno School, Abroad School, and Enlivening School, where we provide support in incubation/start-up, business operations, talent enablement (training & learning), talent acquisition, innovations, patent filing, product design & development, manufacturing and supply of various technological and non-technological products. 

As of Jan 2020, India’s ecosystem has been very exciting when it comes to innovations and international collaborations - its success in filing patents and deploying products in the international market. We are part of building 'New India' and addressing 'Gig Economy'. With the Government’s initiative of ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’, `Startup India', `Standup India', `Skill India' and 'Self-reliant India' gaining momentum, the trend is supposed to be upwards for many years to come. India turning into a "Manufacturing Hub" with a "Make for World" model, we are adopting the sustainable development goals (SDG) proposed by the United Nations, by building an unique and innovative platform called RAISE, which stands for RESEARCH, APPLICATIONS, INNOVATION, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP, to empower and enable students and professionals. We are passionate and committed in making your dream a reality by providing various services and products within India and Abroad.


Divyansh Saxena, Final Year Student of VIT, Vellore

“The internship was excellent at MIT Square. I got an opportunity to work on project based on Face recognition and Object detection (using deep learning) in live stream video. I also worked on the character recognition using tesseract software. I would like to thank Dr Mithileysh sir for guiding me throughout the period. I also would like to thank other team members for their constant help and support. The work culture in the office was great!". 

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Latest News

1. MIT Square invited at the AICTE International Conference

2. MIT Square in collaboration with NIT-T to build a Low Cost Smart Ventilator

3. Coffee with CEO

4. Industry Talk @ Sairam College

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We have filed five patents so far this year. 

1. Smart Airbag Solution using IoT

2. Talent Acquisition using AI

3. Smart Garbage System using IoT

4. Smart Healthcare Wearable Device

5. Intelligent Automatic Hand Sanitizer System

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