About Us

MIT Square is a premier product development company headquartered in Bangalore, India and has a presence in Southampton, UK. MIT stands for "Management and Innovation for Transformation" and Square represents "People + Process + Product + Profit" with a tagline "We transform your life". The green theme represents "prosperity".

MIT Square is an International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO 9001:2015, Certified Company. We at MIT Square, are experts in designing and developing innovative products, building start-ups, and understanding the need of the enterprises for their business growth. We offer product design, product development, product manufacturing and patent filing services. MIT Square excels in the design, development, manufacturing and supplying of consumer products, industrial and IoT devices, education platforms, hospitality products, and healthcare technology. We offer turnkey, tooling and OEM/ODM services.

From individuals, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to international corporations, MIT Square is here to support you in all your product design & product development needs and pave the way to transform your life by turning your ideas into reality. MIT Square offers you an unparalleled equation of value, cost and on time delivery by having our highly qualified product design-development, supply chain and product manufacturing specialists team in UK, USA, Asia and Middle East.

We have strong links with manufacturing units in India. From discovery to delivery, MIT Square is one stop solution for your ideas to get executed. Our product designers, engineering developers and innovative management teams ensure your product meets the world class standard. IP protection is at the heart of our management. We follow a rigorous method to strictly protect your intellectual property rights in Asia and across the globe and offer you complete ownership of the design. We do not just stop by playing an advisory role. It is just our starting point. We walk along with you in executing these strategies end-to-end, to ensure business success.


Our mission is to provide exceptional services in designing and developing innovative products, building start-ups, and understanding the need of the enterprises for their business growth. Also, transform the client company vision into realistic, strategic, actionable plans that delivers results. Our intention is to help companies to steeply accelerate their revenue growth, profitably.


Our vision is to be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to our communities. Some of our strategies are: Integrity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Capacity Building, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


We at MIT Square support in various dimensions

1. Incubation & Investment: We partner with several start-ups (some on pro-bono) to help them establish a strong business framework. Our aim is to improve, through our experience, the overall business value. Our team is well-equipped to support and guide on all fronts. From creating an ideal business blueprint to business contracts, and from drafting to complying with start-up regulations, we can help at every stage of their journey. Our company is a business excellence consulting firm engaged in advising, executing and transforming business. We work with you in executing strategies across marketing, sales, business development, digital marketing, operations, teamwork, people function and attract investments.

2. Internship & Training (Talent Enablement): We train students/graduates/professionals with the latest technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence / Data Science/ etc. It can be skilling, up-skilling or re-skilling, where our model “Hire-Train-Deploy” is suitable for all types of companies (BOT). We will provide top class talent to drive your business, who takes up ownership on your results. We also support in Talent acquisition / Governance / Administration / HR Technologies/ Campus connect

3. Innovation & Research (Product Design & Development): We are expertise in coming up with innovative ideas and turn them into products. We provide complete end-to-end support from ideation to product. We excel in the design, development, manufacturing and supplying of various technological and non-technological products. We also offer turnkey, tooling and OEM/ODM services.

4. Intellectual Property (Patent): We are expertise in giving its owner the right to exclude others from making & selling their invention. We offer a wide range of services in the areas of corporate, litigation, patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs.

We believe we have the ‘X FACTOR’ that is required to step up our business from its current level of performance to create an impact at a global level.

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