Green Business


focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics/Management (STEAM)

Green business refers to enterprises that operate in ways that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. These businesses aim to minimize their negative impact on the environment while promoting economic growth and social responsibility.

MIT Square is a Business Growth and Consulting company with an objective to transform CEO’s growth vision into realistic, strategic, actionable plans that delivers results. Our mission is to help companies to steeply accelerate their revenue growth, profitably.

We at MIT Square, are experts in building startups, understand the need of enterprises today. We do not just stop by playing an advisory role. It is just our starting point. We walk along with start-ups in executing these strategies, to ensure business success

We partner with several start-ups (some on pro-bono) to help them establish a strong business framework. Our aim is to improve, through our experience, the overall business value.

Our team is well-equipped to support and guide on all fronts. From creating an ideal business blueprint to business contracts, and from drafting to complying with start-up regulations, we can help at every stage of their journey.

MIT Square is a business excellence consulting firm engaged in advising, executing and transforming business. It does not matter if you are big or small, running corporate business, startup, or mulling over the idea of starting a business. Just call us and we will help you succeed.

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