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RAISE Centre of Excellence (CoE)

The institutions we have deployed Centre of Excellence (CoE). 

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Indo-Global Industry-Institution Programs


The Centre of Excellence (CoE) will be powered by MIT Square London through the Memorandum of Understanding with the institutions. The vision of the CoE is to enable the institution as an innovation hub in emerging technologies.

The meaning of “RAISE” is to enable students and academic professionals to a higher level by transforming them 360 degrees in the areas of

R - Research

A – Arts & Applications

I – Innovation & Intelligence

S - Science & Technology

E – Entrepreneurship


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Key Initiatives (i-10 Model):

Specific Initiatives:

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Detailed Objectives:

The RAISE Centre of Excellence (CoE) highlights the growth & development of Edu tech-driven solutions for achieving digital transformation and enables the institute to:

Also, the institution can also function as a RAISE “Nodal” centre with the following benefits:

Benefits of the RAISE CoE:

CSR Activities of RAISE CoE:

Raj Square Charity Foundation is a part of MIT Square Group. We will be focussing on the following:

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